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City Walking Tour


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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.

Making a Difference


Army Veteran David ("Doc") O'Connor of created this organization solely to help make a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we all take for granted. Let's give them something back and the support to heal from the atrocities of warfare.

Long Lasting Memories!


Getting Veterans and active service personel and their families out on the water where dolphins, whales, seals and other wild life frolic is for many a lasting first time experience. Creates memories and a chance to heal by interacting and experiencing the many wonders of the ocean.

Healing from PTSD


 If you know a Veteran, or are related to one, who has experienced difficulties dealing with PTSD, make an appointment and let's get them out on the water where miracles happen everyday!

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Our Services Include:


We have all sorts of kayaks including adapted kayaks for those with disabilities. We provide everything including a kayak, paddle, all safety gear and we have Orange County Lifeguards who accompany our larger tours in case medical or lifesaving services are needed. And, we can accommodate groups of up to 15 paddler's in one outing.

Kayak Fishing Tours

Kayak Harbor Relaxation Tours

UpComing Events:


Officially the season begins in April, weather permitting. However tours are currently available by appointment only. 

Kayak Fishing Tours

Kayak Harbor Relaxation Tours

Real Testimonials!


Veterans are raving about us on social media. Share your great stories!

Kayak Fishing Tours

Kayak Harbor Relaxation Tours

Special Events


Stay tuned for our seasonal special events. 



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